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How to Preserve the Freshness of Flower Bouquets?

How to Preserve the Freshness of Flower Bouquets?

A Guide on How to Preserve the Freshness of Your Flowers?


Nothing is quite exciting as having a fresh bouquet in your hands. Perhaps you received a flower delivery as a present or simply wanted to spoil yourself. Whatever the case may be, few things compare to the sight and scent of fresh flowers.


If you've gotten your hands on a beautiful bouquet, you might be wondering how to keep it fresh. You wouldn't want to plunk a penny into a vase of water just to help your blooms last longer. We'll go over a few plant care tips and tricks in this article to help you get the most out of your flowers.


You're probably aware of how quickly a bouquet rots after you get it home. If left out in the open, they will quickly dry out. Keeping your flowers in a vase, on the other hand, will keep them fresher for longer. Putting a bouquet in a vase is one approach to keeping it fresh for as long as possible. There are a few basic actions you must do before placing your fresh flowers in a vase. The following are the steps you must do to keep your flowers fresh:


Give the Stem a Snip

When a vendor cuts a flower at the stem to include it in a bouquet or flower arrangement, the stem instantly begins to recover. The process is similar to when we have a cut or wound and scab forms. That is, the place where the stem has been sliced hardens and seals off to prevent infection and dryness.

As a result, if you place a bouquet directly into a vase, the flowers will not receive as much water and nutrients as if they were freshly cut. This means that you should cut the stems with garden shears or anything sharp that can easily cut through the stem shortly before placing the flowers in the vase so that they can absorb more water. Ideally, cut the stems at an angle so that they don't end up flat on the bottom of the vase.

Don't stop at the first cut; re-trim the stems every few days to maximize water uptake and extend the life of your blooms. If you don't trim them, air pulled into the stems while they are out of water will clog up their water absorption.


Cut Extra Leaves and Remove Below-Water Foliage

Using your garden shears, trim any leaves from your flowers that will fall below the waterline of the vase. If you receive a rose-filled anniversary flower bouquet, you can remove the guard petals to allow the flower to fully bloom.

Pruning can help prevent harmful bacteria from growing and harming your flowers. Any plant leaves or flowers left in the vase water will rot quickly, spreading bacteria that will damage your flowers before they are ready. Continue to inspect your flowers on a daily basis for dead, dying, or drooping leaves and petals, and prune as needed.


Place Them in the Water Quickly

Cut the stems underwater to speed up the process and prevent air bubbles from growing in the stems. It's also fine to immediately place the flowers in a vase of water after cutting them. After you've finished arranging your bouquet, cut the stems and place them in the water.


The Vase You Choose Matters

You probably think that all vases are made equal. Never make the mistake of thinking that all vases are the same. The flowers you put in the vase decide the type of vase you get. Heavier flowers should be trimmed short and placed in a low vase with plenty of space for them to flourish. Flowers that are lighter in color, on the other hand, should be arranged in a higher vase. In either scenario, make sure your flowers have enough room in the vase they're in and aren't jammed together.


Water Wisely and Change Them Regularly

After you've trimmed the stems of your flowers, removed their extra leaves, and chosen a clean, appropriately-sized vase, you'll need to fill it with water. Flowers require a lot of water to survive; if they don't get enough, they shrivel up and die.

Fill your vase according to your room temperature water and consider adding some flower food if you want to give your flowers a little boost.  Mix the flower food thoroughly with the water and ensure that it is completely dissolved before adding the flowers. As previously said, bacteria are the enemy, therefore Give the vase a good cleaning every two to three days, change the water, and add additional flower food if desired. While you're about it, cut another half-inch off the stems.


Keep ‘Em Cool. Direct sunlight, heat, drafts, and fruit should all be avoided

While you may believe that your flowers require a lot of sunlight to thrive, this is not the case. It's best to keep flowers away from open windows and out of direct sunshine once they've been removed from their roots and placed in a vase.


Heat will hasten your flowers’ demise. To keep your flowers from drying out too quickly, keep them in cool spots away from heating ducts, furnaces, fans, and air conditioning vents. Keep your flowers away from fresh fruit as well. When fruits ripen, they release small amounts of ethylene gas, which can be harmful to your flowers.


You Can Make Your Own Flower Food

The small packets that come with many floral arrangements help to keep flowers fresh by containing sugar to provide a little sustenance; citric acid to maintain the pH low and acidic, which helps water run up the stems a little faster and may decrease wilting; and antibacterial powder. If your arrangement didn't come with a feeding packet or you've run out, you can prepare your own every time you change the water or before cutting the stems. Here's how to do it: To assist battle bacterial development, combine a few drops of bleach or a clear liquor like vodka or gin with a few drops of clear soda or superfine sugar to feed the blooms, and then break a vitamin C tablet and apply it to decrease the pH.


While it is true that fresh flowers do not stay indefinitely, there are steps you can do to extend their life, such as following these tips on how to keep flowers fresh. Can't bear the notion of squandering your lovely bouquet? You are no longer required to do so. Prove for yourself how long your bouquet can last! Order same-day flower delivery from Glorist today to try out one or all of these ideas on how to keep cut flowers fresh.




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