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Introducing our newest flower delivery service: Carnation Flowers by Glorist. Send carnations to your loved ones today and enjoy our top-rated online flower shop service. Our carnations are fresh and beautiful, and make the perfect gift for any occasion. Order now and enjoy same-day delivery or fast delivery to your doorstep.

The freshest carnations right at your fingertips When it comes to finding the perfect gift, sometimes it's best to go with the classics. Carnations are always a beautiful choice, and our online flower shop makes it easy to send carnations anywhere in the world. Our fast and reliable delivery service means you can send flowers anytime, anywhere. So whether you're looking for a last-minute gift or want to surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet, our online flower shop has got you covered.

Send a one-of-a-kind Carnation Bouquet to your friends and family. Every day, we order fresh Carnations from the Farm. Choose this product, and each bouquet will be filled with gorgeous and vivid hues. We think the lovely Carnation bouquet is a great gift idea for any occasion. 

Send Carnation Flower Arrangements

Carnations have a variety of connotations: Pink carnations indicate thanks and compassion, while red carnations represent passion and romantic love. White carnations, on the other hand, symbolize pure love and good fortune. An mixed bouquet of carnations, on the other hand, would be more appropriate for conveying happiness and joy. Carnations are one of our favorite flowers because of their hardiness, longevity, and adaptability. With proper maintenance, it can easily last a week. We send carnations every day for free inside Metro Manila and for a nominal price outside of Metro Manila. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Give your loved ones' homes a splash of color.


How can I order flowers online?

It's as simple as a few mouse clicks to send flowers online. Look through our selection of carnation bouquets and pick your favorite. Simply choose a delivery date and provide the recipient's delivery information. You'll get an email and a text message confirmation once you've placed your order. We'll send you another email with a tracking number once your carnation arrangement has shipped. We've made it easier to order flowers online so you get lush, long-lasting blooms. We reduce waste by eliminating inefficiencies. Our method guarantees that you will receive fresh flowers that have not been sitting in a store for days.

Do roses and carnations go well together?

Absolutely. The flower world's peanut butter and jelly are roses and carnations. They complement each other like salt and pepper, bringing out the best in each flower.

About Carnation

They represent love, fascination, and distinction, but the color you select alters the meaning slightly:
Light Red - admiration
Dark Red - deep love and affection
White- pure love and good luck
Pink - a Mother's undying love