China Rose Flower Bouquet Same-Day Delivery | Online Florist

These bold and passionate China roses from amidst Limonium misty blue filler flowers  – express your passion and love with this lavish giant bouquet. Go big or go home! 20 China RosesMisty blue
Let your special someone know just how precious they are to you with this magnificent bouquet of China roses. 20 China rosesGypsophila
The sweet colors of the flowers are the true beauty of this bouquet. This bouquet features pink China roses nestled amongst eucalyptus leaves, making it a lovely gift to brighten someone's day. 20 Pink China RosesEucalyptus

China Rose Flower Bouquet Same-Day Delivery | Online Florist

Send a China Rose Bouquet to your friends and family. Every day, we receive China Roses from reputable farms. Choose this product, and each bouquet will be filled with gorgeous and vibrant colors. Glorist recommends the lovely China Rose bouquet as the ideal present for any occasion.

China Rose Flowers is the best alternative for Ecuadorian Rose if you are looking for a more affordable type of imported Roses. China Rose is smaller than Ecuadorian Rose but bigger than local rose which fits as medium size of rose flower in the Philippines.