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Say it loudly, clearly, and sweetly - as only roses can! Allow these gorgeous petals to do the talking when you want to make a powerful statement - it's an undeniable message of love. This enormous and breathtakingly beautiful arrangement of 365 Red Roses represents Your One Year Love. The ideal...
Our Dreamland Blast bouquet shares sunshine, surrounded by a dazzling display of vibrant flowers and luxuriant fillers. 18 Yellow Ecuadorian RosesGypsophila
Elegant and blooming, this vibrant bouquet of twelve Ecuadorian roses is an instant mood booster. An abundance of the freshest Ecuadorian roses is coupled with touches of misty blue, which makes everyone delight in any occasion from your special person to your best friend. 1 Dozen Ecuadorian RosesGypsophila
This dreamy jewel-toned bouquet makes a statement with vivid color and an eye-catching structure. This gorgeous bouquet, which includes a careful mix of lisianthus and misty pink, is sure to amaze your recipient. 1 Bundle Lisianthus1 Dozen White RosesMisty Pink
Nothing brightens their day like sunflowers and tulips, which are full of beauty, radiance, and happiness. This lovely bouquet is sure to make people smile for a long time. 1 Dozen Tulips3 Sunflowers
There is just something absolutely attractive about an elegant stargazer. This stunning Gazing Special bouquet, which includes stargazers and light pink roses, is sure to delight and impress the love of your life. 7 Stargazers1 Dozen Light Pink RosesGolden Rod
This gorgeous, eye-catching bouquet will bring smiles to your sweetheart's face while also conveying your messages of everlasting love. Pink Gypsophila Floral Paint
Soft pink flowers in picture-perfect condition make a nice gift for the lovely lady in your life. She'll treasure this bouquet of pastel pink roses, whether she's a wife, mother, daughter, or sweetheart. 9 Pink Ecuadorian RosesGypsophila
Looking to bring smiles for your loved ones? This beautiful bouquet of carnations, white roses, green buttons, and Ferrero chocolate will surely do the trick!  10 Pink Carnations1 Dozen White Roses10 Ferrero Rocher ChocolatesGreen Buttons
This Never Ending bouquet, made up of a wonderful mix of flowers, including stargazers, white and pink gerberas, misty blue, and eucalyptus leaves, will definitely bring joy to any occasion or celebration. 2 Stargazers2 White Gerberas2 Pink GerberasMisty BlueEucalyptus
This yellow and orange bouquet encapsulates the bright and warm rays of summer. features plush Ecuadorian roses, tulips, and cheerful sunflowers nestled amongst statice and eucalyptus. 2 Sunflowers3 Yellow Ecuadorian Roses2 TulipsStaticeEucalyptus
This stunning bouquet of purple roses is a one-of-a-kind romantic present to celebrate all of life’s moments. 18 Purple Roses Floral PaintLavender
Special occasions, call for special flowers! Elegant stargazers nestled amongst eucalyptus leaves make up this winsome bouquet that will elevate the celebrations on your special day. 3 StargazersEucalyptus
₱1,800.00 ₱2,000.00
This bouquet that features stargazers, carnations, and Malaysian mums, a sign of Compassion Love, is a lovely present that will undoubtedly warm your loved one's heart and brighten their day. 2 Stargazers10 CarnationsMalaysian Mums

Flower Delivery Pateros | Online Florist Flower Shop

Select your favorite fresh bouquet from our extensive collection of expertly arranged hand bouquets. In places like Pateros, you can get your bouquet delivered for free from the nearest flower shop the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do you deliver flower bouquets and standees in Pateros? Yes, we certainly do. Our service area includes all of Metro Manila.

Do you offer same-day flower delivery in Pateros? We do, in fact. Simply purchase by 1 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and your flowers will be delivered the same day, free of charge.


Pateros Municipality is a First-Class Municipality and the only one in Metro Manila. Pateros is well-known for its duck-raising industry, particularly the production of balut, a Filipino delicacy consisting of a boiled, fertilized duck egg. Pateros is also famous for its red salty eggs and "inutak," a local rice cake. Furthermore, the town is well-known for the production of ""alfombra,"" a locally produced footwear with a carpet-like fabric on its top surface. It is one of Pateros' indigenous skills. Pateros is derived from the Tagalog words "Pato," which refers to the mallard duck that lays balut eggs, and "Sapatero," which means shoemaker. Balut is one of the indigenous and unique inventions of the Pateros people. Among the indigenous skills of the Pateros people are shoemaking and the production of "alfombra slippers."